Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oh Blog, How I've Missed You...

To My Blog,

I am sorry for having neglected you for so long.

It's been way too long since I've updated this blog. Very shameful of me, I apologize. Nothing like life to keep you from the things you enjoy! But I've been very busy! I've completed my stint at Animation Mentor for starters! What a year that's been! Probably one of the best decision's I've made though. I've learned so much this year, and I've made some awesome new friends! I've also come to realize that I still really like animating. This profession is awesome!

Acting shots are a lot of fun now too! I'm looking forward to doing some more. Facial animation is so in depth, and there's so much to think about. It's twice the amount of animating in one shot, so much to learn and do!

Well, since this is about updating, let me share my new reels! First I'll show my new demo reel. This guy is update with all the shots that I think showcase what I've done up to this point. I also think I've gotten to the point where there are no longer any shots from the short I worked on in college, "Gaiaspora." It's a little bittersweet now, but I do think all of these shots showcase my skill set better.

Animation Reel- September 2014 from Nick Arbeiter on Vimeo

First we have what may still be my favorite shot. Rock's going for some pie on the sill! Shame too, he almost had it! This one was a lot of fun to try an exaggerate with. Then there's my first ever dialogue shot. Learned so much, and had a lot of fun doin' it! Then there's my "creature" animation in the dog walk, and then Twig is spending a day in the park!

Unless I finish the new dialogue shot I'm starting before CTNX, this is what I'll be showing there! Hopefully it goes well!

Now I think I'll follow up with my AM reel. This is a progression reel using all of the work I've done through my four classes at AM!

Animation Mentor Progress Reel (Class 04, 2014) from Nick Arbeiter on Vimeo

Some of these definitely still need some work, but it's onward and forward for me!

Here I will say that I'm get back into this blogging thing! I've got a few lined up that I want to write, so stay tuned everyone!

Also, I'm super stoked to be going to CTNX this year. I ca't wait to network and meet more people that like animation as much as I do! I'm going to try live tweeting and daily blogging for the event to document the experience, so let me know if you can't make it and you can live vicariously through me! I'll be sure to take lots of pics. Need to get my business cards made, as well as my new dialogue animation using Aia and Mery! Man this animation will be tough, but potentially a job getter!

Stay tuned all, and thanks as always for reading. =]