Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ok, For Real Though, Bringin' this Back!

Dang man, it's been 11 months since I've posted on here. I'm like, the worst at this. BUT, I'm back! Some small life updates and adventures to ensue!

First up, where am I and what am I doing. Well, I'm now a staffed member of Falcon's Creative Group (I was still an Intern when I last posted). Lots of brand new faces at the studio since last year. Working with Claudio Gonzalez, a former Blue Sky matte painter and compositor; newly hired Adam Coggin who's worked all over, but was a part of one of my favorite short films ever, "Azureus Rising" (Still pulling for this to get made into a feature someday!). There's another Nic now, but he doesn't like to use the "k" in his nickname; he's been in the industry for 17 years now, and has spent a good chunk of that at Dreamworks as a lighter. It's so cool to meet these people!

I've now also taken class five at Animation Mentor. Boola Robella was my mentor for the term. I worked on what I think was a cool sequence. But after having let it sit for so long, I've noticed a lot of things that I want to go back and change about it, or finish polishing. SOOOOO, after my current class, I'm going to go back to do just that! Currently, I've begun a class at CGTarian, Acting in Animation with JP Sans. JP is a senior animator at Dreamworks at present, and he has already begun changing how I approach acting in my shots, only after three weeks! It's actually really crazy how simple his approach to subtext is, but the workflow is sooooo worth it. So soon, you'll be seeing some hopefully awesome new shots!

I'm also going to attempt to start using my Tumblr more as well, for more everyday blog posts that are less strictly animation oriented. So look for other posts here as well!!


Yay! So stay tuned here for some in progress work as well as any other animation blog topics I can think of, like different ways to use reference videos!

My chilling with my wonderful animation buddies from NYC, Kimberly and Sara! Thanks for the fantastic weekend in the city!
Sidenote: I went on a personal trip to NYC a couple weekends ago to hang out with my animation buddies from the north! And scope out the city, since I've never really been there before. It was a blast! Hear more about it on the tumblr!